See All The People Challenge Grant
Challenge Overview:
We challenge every ministry and group at Westwood United Methodist Church to tell us how your ministry is planning to be engaged in the community in an outwardly-focused way. What are your dreams for ministry? What are your best ideas to bring in the 100 or positively impact the Westside, the Best side. These projects could be relationally focused or service oriented, with the goal to connect people into the life of our church.

Launching Sunday, May 13, we will challenge all of our groups and age level ministries, who are empowered by the Holy Spirit, thoroughly equipped, and sent out on mission, to dream big, coming up with proposals meant to connect the church to the community. Discipleship meets Mission. Each team or individual has 3 months (August 12) to submit projects. We will vote for the finalist on Sunday August 26 during our worship services.

On September 9th (Homecoming Sunday) we’ll award grants ($2,500, $1,500, and $1000) to the top three projects who have creatively demonstrated how they are planning to engage their broader community. We will “Shark Tank” our dreams and allow the congregation to vote for project. Then we will support these dreams financially and by helping gather volunteers to make these top three See All the People Projects become a reality! The grant funds will need to help fund and begin a new project in 2018 and 2019.

How to enter:
Individuals or groups can submit project ideas!

Choose one or both of these ways to enter:
Produce a video. Creatively demonstrate and explain how your ministry team is planning to engage your community. You do not need to produce a professional video (cell phones can work), and we can get members of our digital team to help film as well. If you decide to only produce a video and not write a plan, your plan must be briefly explained in the video.
Write your See All The People Dream. We want to see how your team engage the community

Although you can choose either a video or a written plan, strong preference will be given to groups who submit both a video and a written plan. If you need assistance with the video please let us know. Please submit your projects or questions to

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