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ISSIA (Inter-school Social Issues Association) is an international, student-led group based in Hong Kong. We aim to foster stronger inter-school links and create a network for discourse on social issues in Hong Kong and beyond. Currently, ISSIA has over 200+ active staff members from 40+ schools throughout Hong Kong. In addition, we have also expanded internationally, with contributors from the U.S, India, Philippines, Russia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and the U.K!

Our main project is the ISSIA Magazine - Hong Kong's first inter-school magazine. The ISSIA Magazine intends to be the pre-eminent platform of student voice, featuring a plethora of student work.

We integrate the study of the humanities and social sciences into our take of social issues, offering insights on topics such as social justice, mental health, human rights, culture and socio-political quandaries. We also feature more academic articles and interviews. The ISSIA Magazine is also a platform for other multimedia forms of expression, such as student artwork and photography. We are looking for student submissions on the theme of "social issues", which can be broadly interpreted. We accept submissions all year round!

Please submit your article idea below. If the ISSIA Magazine team approves of the proposed article plan, the participant will be notified and instructed to begin their article. We will connect you with your editors throughout this process, who will provide feedback and suggestions. Accepted articles will be published in either our website or the print edition.

Here is our editorial guide with further details:

If you already have a finished submission, please send it over to, with relevant details.

Please contact for any questions or concerns!

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