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IITW 2.0 is organized by IGNITE in collaboration with the School of Media, Languages, and Cultures (SMLC). Themed The Digital Millenia, IITW 2.0 comprises workshops conducted by journalists, photographers, digital storytellers, entrepreneurs, and many more educators and professionals in the Malaysian media landscape. The dynamics of writing, editing, photography, and film-making is increasingly encompassing a digitalized dimension, and thus, IITW 2.0 will provide hands-on-training to equip students with such relevant skills to expand their frontiers of learning and development.

IITW 2.0: 22 September 2017 – 24 September 2017

Applications Deadline: 7th September

Participation Fee (without accommodation): RM50
With Accommodation: RM130 (subject to change)

For any further inquiries, please contact Piya, our Head of Communications at kabfy5prs@nottingham.edu.my

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