GARFIELD'S "Neighbors in Need" Crisis Fund

The Neighbors in Need Crisis Fund exists to give financial assistance or support to people in our community 1) who are going through an unexpected crisis or hardship, and cannot find assistance from any other source, or 2) who have an education or job-related need that will allow them to pursue better economic opportunities. The program primarily serves residents of the city of Pittsburgh who are at risk of homelessness, job loss, or an inability to meet basic needs due to unforeseen circumstances.

The Crisis Fund awards grants to address a variety of problems, including emergency home repair, emergency auto repair, delinquent rent (30 days or longer), potential shut-off of utilities, mortgage loan delinquency, education needs, job training needs, or auto repossession. Grants can also be used to assist with college admission fees, SAT/ACT exam fees, or preparatory classes for these exams. The maximum grant award is $600. Grant requests above $600 may be considered only if the safety or general welfare of young children is at risk. Neighbors in Needs grants are typically made payable to third parties, such as utility companies, mortgage lenders, landlords, educational institutions, or contractors.

The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation (BGC), a 501(c) (3) neighborhood nonprofit, serves as the fiscal sponsor for Neighbors in Need, but relies on a small group pf volunteers to make the decisions on each application for help. Decisions are usually made within 72 hours from the time a completed application is received by the BGC. Each application requires some supporting documentation to accompany it.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for financial assistance, applicants should reside within the city of Pittsburgh, although Allegheny County residents will be helped in special circumstances. Applicants must be employed, or enrolled in a degree-seeking educational program, or disabled, or be senior citizens (age 65 or older). Those who have been laid off within the past 120 days, or are currently on unpaid family or medical leave from their job, are also eligible. An applicant’s household income in the most recent 12-month period generally should not exceed the guidelines set forth below:

Household Size Max Annual Household Income Max Monthly Income
1 $26,600 $2,216
2 $30,400 $2,533
3 $34,200 $2,850
4 $38,000 $3,166
5 $41,050 $3,420

In addition to this application, please provide the following to demonstrate eligibility via email to (INCLUDE NIN in subject line and your full name and address in the email):

Additional Documents
> Two recent pay stubs and/or a copy of your 2019 federal income tax return
> Copy of a photo ID
> Copy or copies of your most recent bank statement(s)
> Proof of need for the requested funds (notices of pending eviction, utility shutoff, etc.)
> Other documents that can demonstrate financial need

For questions concerning eligibility or for more information about the program, please contact Rick Swartz at (412) 441-6950, ext. 111 or
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Primary Applicant:I acknowledge that all of the information disclosed in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. If it is necessary to do so, I hereby authorize the BGC to obtain a report on my credit history for internal use by the BGC only. *
In addition to this application, please provide the following to prove eligibility via email to INCLUDE NIN in subject line and your full name and address in the email:Two recent pay stubs and a copy of your 2018 or 2019 federal income tax return; Copy of a photo ID; Copies of your two most recent bank statements; Proof of need for requested funding (notices of pending eviction or utility shutoff, health care bills, car repair bill, college entry fee, etc.) or other documents to prove financial need. If you have difficulty providing any of these documents or are unsure if you qualify for a grant, please contact us to discuss your specific circumstances. *
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