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The try! Swift CFP is done on a rolling basis. If you do not hear back about a current try! Swift, you might be contacted in the future for another try! Swift. Please note that we have many great developers and speakers in our community, so please don't take it personally if you do not hear back right away. We work hard to have a mostly brand new speaker lineup for every single try! Swift (we've only had around 4 repeat speakers in 6 conferences - where each conference has over 22+ speakers!).
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What type of topics are interested in talking about? You won't have to commit to speaking about one of these topics if it doesn't work in the future - we just want to have an idea about your area of expertise!
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If you don't have a video of you speaking, consider presenting at a local meetup and ask the organizer to record it! It doesn't have to be a high-quality video - we just need to see an example of you speaking.
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We have very limited budget to cover speaker travel, so we ask that you ask for your company to cover the cost.
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