Feedback on Black Lives Matter@School 2/17/17
The organizing committee was thrilled with the energy that the day generated in the respective places of learning they are connected to. We hope that the day and the period leading up to it were meaningful to you as well, whether that meant you read some new information, had a conversation that challenged you, led a discussion or planned a schoolwide day of affirmation. In an effort to reflect and sustain progress, we'd like to gather as many RCSD stories and perspectives as possible. Thank you for taking your time to share, and PLEASE send this survey to students, staff, families, and colleagues.
What's your favorite story of the day you want to tell?
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How did you participate? Choose as many as fit.
If you want to share specifics, please do so in the box below and/or send your pictures and/or lessons to
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How meaningful was this day for you?
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What effect, if any, did BLM@S have on your students/children/classroom/school?
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For some people, this topic opened up some uncomfortable feelings or conversations, or they said they needed support or resources. What do you need? If you'd like specific support, please include your name and contact info.
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Did you use the RCSD's instructional toolkit or the BLM@S website for resources?
What school(s) did you respond about?
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