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I am so excited to help you on your journey with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils from DōTERRA. Simply fill out the information below and your order will be placed and shipped right to your door.

With this purchase, you will automatically enjoy the benefits of being a wholesale customer, which includes: 25% off all orders, points back on shipping and every purchase, eligibility for free monthly products, and access to our support community! There is no monthly commitment.

For a limited time I'm also including AMAZING BONUSES for anyone who buys a KIT:

FREE ACCESS TO THE OIL SANCTUARY: This is the exclusive Autoimmune Tribe online library of rituals, remedies, and protocols for using our certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils in your healing routine. The content is organized by category and is continuously updated. Examples of content include; Lyme protocol, affirmation + oil pairings, goddess + oil pairings, crystal + oil pairings, meditation for abundance, and rituals for releasing, grounding, and protection.

FREE ACCESS TO OIL CAMP LEVEL 1: Oil Camp is an amazing educational resource my team and I have created exclusively for our customers. Our top priority is to help you learn how to use your oils safely and effectively so that you can also feel comfortable and confident. Oil Camp is a two-week online program complete with video coaching from me and other oil coaches and also includes DIY ideas, recipes, education, and giveaways!

FREE ACCESS TO OIL CAMP LEVEL 2: Oil Camp 2 is a next level interactive educational tool to help you discover even more ways to use your oils and take advantage of your membership for those have completed Oil Camp 1. You will learn from our experts with more in-depth explanations on important issues. Our veterinarian will cover oils for animals, an autoimmune specialist will explain why clean skin care is so important, and our herbalist will cover oils for hormonal support.

FREE WELLNESS CONSULTATION: In this complimentary 30-minute consultation we will discuss which oils will benefit you most in relation to your main health and mindset challenges. I'll give you customized recommendations and protocols for the oils you've purchased, as well as new ideas for how to make oils part of your routine. You'll be able to ask all of your questions and we'll go over how to set up your monthly rewards order if you're interested.

That's over $1,000 in free content!

I can't wait to support you on this journey.


Sarah Small
Autoimmune Tribe, Founder

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