Survey on ACM Multimedia for the SIGMM Records Opinion Column
For the SIGMM Records Opinion column, we are gathering your views about the ACM Multimedia conference, and, more in general, about the state of the Multimedia scientific community in general. Please reach out to Miriam ( or Xavi ( for questions or comments!
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Submitting to ACM Multimedia: rate the following statements
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The papers I submit to ACM Multimedia fit only at this conference.
I consider ACM Multimedia mostly to resubmit papers rejected from other venues.
I see ACM Multimedia as a premier conference.
ACM Multimedia 2019 will have Reviewer Guidelines. How much do you agree with the following statement? "Remember that the problem addressed by an ACM Multimedia paper is expected to involve more than a single modality, or is expected to be related to the challenge of how people interpret and use multimedia. Papers that address a single modality only and also fail to contribute new knowledge on human use of multimedia must be rejected as out of scope for the conference."
Please let us know if you have any further comments!
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