Thank you for taking the first step to helping The10thDay.Com Imam Hussain (as) Awareness Organisation. Your support will help us build a stronger message worldwide.

All information entered in this form will be classed as confidential and will only be viewed and processed by trusted individuals and committee members within the organisation.

We do not share your information with any 3rd party without your express permission.

The10thDay.Com Volunteer Program has over 5 years active experience. We understand each person can bring individual value and support to the goal of the organisation, which is to increase the awareness of Hussain (as) and the lessons learnt from the story of Karbala
Our task is to ensure we understand your abilities before making contact.

Finally, the Volunteer Program recognises and enjoys diversity and variety from different ages groups, races, religions, countries and ethnicities. We all share the single goal and respect each other’s opinions. Therefore, during the application form, feel free to make further comment and elaborate where needed.
We pray for the purity of all our intentions.

If you share our goal, add your email address below and lets start the process.

Key benefits to becoming a Volunteer:

• Be part of an Imam Hussain (as) movement
• Seasonal merchandise discounts
• Play an important role in decision making for the organisation
• Improve your Teamwork skills
• Work with professionals in different fields

And above all,

• Receive spiritual reward and satisfaction for your actions
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