2018 Away Game Interest
This quick survey is to gain an understanding of what games people would be interested in attending, and what we can do to make away game trips more appealing. We want to be certain that we show our team the support they deserve during 2018!

The following are away games that are part of the regular season and are considered reasonable to some degree to travel to as a group. (Sorry, no Hawaii, Vancouver, or LA). Please indicate if you would attend, or if you would possibly be interested in attending these games, AND how many people would be attending with you.

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Which away games would you ABSOLUTELY like to travel with NorOnTour to attend?
Which away games are you possibly interested in attending, but not yet certain?
How many people, including yourself, would typically travel with you to attend a NorOnTour away game? *
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What is the earliest time you would consider leaving for an away game to ensure adequate time to travel, delays, and for visiting the destination city? *
How much time would you desire for visiting the away city either before or after a game? *
Do you prefer a straight there and back trip with no overnight stay, meaning lower cost but likely sleeping on a bus. Or do you prefer an overnight stay in a hotel, with a slightly increased cost. (schedule and distance may play a large part in these decisions) *
In an effort to leverage discounts on volume and to identify truly interested individuals, we have in the past utilized a non refundable deposit method to hold spots. Understanding this allows us to coordinate more trips and lower costs, do you have any issue with paying a 50% deposit of the estimated cost to validate interest. *
The costs of trips are reduced based on the number of people attending. (simple math right?) We do not know how many people will attend a trip until close to the end date. In order to allow us to coordinate trips, we may place a 'price range' on trips. This would range from worst case to ideal costs (full bus). Would a $20 to $40 price range on a trip deter you, or is this something you can work with? (We ALWAYS want the lowest cost of course) *
Considering that trips include Bus travel & Game tickets, What do you consider a reasonable amount to pay for an away trip? *
What is the most you would pay for a trip (excluding hotel) per person? *
For trips that require a hotel, how much additional per person would be reasonable? *
What quality of hotel do you desire to stay? Accepting that higher quality will increase costs. *
Hotels would require a minimum of 2 person per room, and when possible 4 person per room. Do you have issues being roomed with someone you do not know? *
What are your considerations or deciding factors on if we should stay overnight vs. a straight there and back trip? *
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What are other items that will make a trip more interesting to you? Visiting additional sites? Which? Shopping? Feel free to be specific *
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What are items that deter you from desiring to attend? Cost? Schedule? Mode of transportation? *
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