St Kilian's Primary School                  Volunteer Application

St. Kilian's School actively supports and promotes volunteering in an appropriate manner, respecting and valuing volunteer's rights and responsibilities and ensuring a healthy and safe work environment.
We recognise that people volunteer for a wide range of reasons:

  • to contribute to the community
  • to share a sense of purpose and fulfilment
  • to meet other people
  • to be with people who share similar values
  • to gain particular skills or experiences
  • to fulfil particular spiritual values
  • to feel useful and needed.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with St Kilian’s School. Our volunteers are integral to the school experience for our students and they provide an important link to the community. We welcome your inquiry about volunteering and hope you will find the experience rewarding.

Paper copies of all documentation will be provided.
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Application Process
The Child Safe Standards require schools to gather, verify and record a person’s history of work involving children. The school takes child safety very seriously and for this reason, potential volunteers are required to list their entire work history, including any volunteer work, involving children.
If you would like to submit your interest for a volunteer role within our school, please complete the application form and return it to us.
Interview Process
It is school practice for all potential volunteers to be interviewed prior to commencing any voluntary work. The interview is an informal discussion aimed at assessing the suitability of the person for the volunteer position, particularly child-connected work, It is also an opportunity for the potential volunteer to ask questions about the position and the school in general.
Potential volunteers should bring proof of personal identity to the interview.
Referee Checks
The school takes child safety very seriously and for that reason we make it a practice to conduct referee checks for potential volunteers to assess their suitability to work with children. The referee check is a discussion between the school and the nominated referee for the purpose of addressing the person’s suitability for volunteer work and for engaging in child-connected work.
Pre-engagement Checks
All volunteers at St Kilian’s School are required to apply for and pass a WWCC. If you do not already have a current WWCC, you will be required to obtain this prior to commencing volunteer work and present the WWCC card to the school as soon as practicable.
Volunteers are provided with an induction to the workplace as a supportive way of introducing them to the school. The induction process is an opportunity to communicate the school ethos, policies and procedures to the new volunteer while introducing them to their role and work area.
Privacy Statement

The personal information you have provided will help us to assess you as a valued volunteer of our school and will be treated as confidential. Information provided by you in this form may be checked by the school/college with any relevant authorities, previous employers, volunteer organisations and/or referees or sources. Information provided will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

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