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CULTURE LABx (CLx) is a global community of founders, designers and people practitioners experimenting with the future of work. We are so excited that your team is interested in applying to launch or lead a CLxLab!

Our Labs are local CLx communities run by passionate local teams. We'd love to learn more about who you all are and what goodness you'd love to make happen!

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Organizers: Who are you?
Community building is both awesome and challenging—it really does take a village. For that reason, we require Labs to apply as a team of two of more. Plus, couldn't everyone could use a nudge of accountability?
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Purpose: Why is the community convening?
At CLx, purpose is our north star. And we think it’s just as important that each Lab has a defined purpose of what they are trying to accomplish in their local communities.
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What's your vision of this Lab and how it will serve the local community? *
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What are your roles and how do you plan to deliver on this vision? *
Please include who will be the lead contact for CLxHQ
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Partners: Who will you experiment with?
We’re all about co-creating and collaborating, and who better to do that with than other like-minded organizations!
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Tell us about an event/meetup that you envision your team producing.
What's the topic? Who would be speaking? Where would you have it? Who would help promote it?
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Expectations: What are we signing up for?
CLx is run by a passionate crew of volunteers. We love doing what we do, and we know how busy life can get. With that said, we want to make sure that you know what your team is signing up for.
Besides being awesome CLxLab leads, is your team willing to commit to the following: *
(Only one person from each lab needs to attend the meetings)
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