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After you fill out this order request, we will contact you to go over details of your email count and once that is done, schedule a test.
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*We are frequently asked for recommendations on which days are best to broadcast on. We are finding that Tuesday mornings are the strongest, followed slightly by Wednesday mornings. The rest of the work days seem to even out after that.
*If you do not have a gmail account please use this to access our file drop off. Password: orenews1
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1 single click thru URL (i.e. where you want the user to be taken when they open and click on the email, typically somewhere in the client’s existing website) + desired pre-view text, (if any) fully coded HTML file
Please upload your "ready to broadcast" artwork (Please note that any revisions to your ad must be made by you, we can't make such changes simply because we don't have the original working design files.) *
Client supplied creative for email broadcasts can be submitted in any of the following formats: PDF or JPEG file
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Please list interests and behaviors specific to the potential audience. Example; Intent to move/ buy, etc.We will come as close as we can when performing the count.
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