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Thank you for your interest! Let's dig in as this will take you about 5-6 minutes to complete.

What exactly are you applying for? A Year Long Mastermind exclusively for 6- and 7- Figure Business Owners, Creatives, and Executives who want to build and lead their dream team so that they can actually be the CEO and Creative Visionary of Their Business. Leaders who want the tools, support, and community to pursue their impossible visions.

Is that you? If so, let's continue! 

There are some QUALIFICATIONS to be a member of this exclusive group as I keep the cohorts to 15 people maximum. This ensures we build trust and intimacy over the course of the year together and where the magic really happens. We'll be connecting in different formats throughout the year such as in person retreats, zoom calls, and an online exclusive community. 

Before you dive in to answering the questions you might be saying. "Can we please get to the price already?"
Perfect. Here it is:

Option 1:  Pay in Full: $14, 997
Option 2:  Monthly: $1,297 

Now onto the good stuff....

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If we haven't already, our next step is to schedule a 15-minute phone call to ensure this mastermind is the right fit. You'll receive a booking link once you submit this application. 

If you have any questions you want to put out there, please write them below and we'll discuss on our call.
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