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Is your Fire Department currently using Renewable Diesel Fuel as its primary Diesel Vehicle Fuel? If Yes, for how long?
What RDF product is your Department using? Which RDF products did you try prior to deciding on it?
What were the deciding factor(s) when choosing your current RDF product?
Has there been any change in the vehicle maintenance requirements due to RDF?
Were any changes to vehicles / apparatus or modifications necessary to utilize RDF?
Have you noticed any change in vehicle performance using RDF?
Have you noticed a measurable change in fuel consumption since transitioning to RDF?
Have you noticed any change in the frequency of Regeneration events using RDF?
Does your Fleet Services / Maintenance provider have any feedback on the use of RDF in your apparatus? Good or Bad?
Can We contact you with more questions? If so please list your contact information below - Thanks for taking the time to complete the survey
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