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Jefferson County Public Schools
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Admission, if approved, is valid for this school year only or for a period to be determined by the Board of Education. If your child is to remain at the school beyond this school year, it is necessary to submit a new application for nonresident admission ANNUALLY before MARCH 1. Requests from out-of-district students will be considered only after requests from in-district students are acted upon and space remains available. Applicants seeking enrollment after October 1 may be denied.
1. Board Policy File: JECB, JECC, and their accompanying regulations define District policies on the admission of nonresident students. The principal of the school will determine if a nonresident student is admitted. Applicants may appeal the principal's decision to the Assistant Superintendent.
2. Space available in either grade level or the school as a whole will be grounds for denial of the request.
3. The applicant must not have exhibited behavior in another school district that is detrimental to the welfare and safety of other pupils or of school personnel.
4. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent.
5. Permission to remain as a nonresident student depends upon the student maintaining a satisfactory daily attendance record, abiding by the school rules and regulations, and displaying a positive attitude toward schoolwork.
6. Registration must be completed and tuition and fees, if applicable, paid prior to admission. Tuition, if any, will be for the current semester.
7. Parents or guardians must inform the school principal of any educational special needs or special services the child is currently receiving or has received in the past. IF THIS REQUEST IS FOR A STUDENT WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, THE NATURE OF THE SERVICES PROVIDED TO MEET THESE NEEDS IS DEPENDENT UPON THE CASELOAD OF SPECIAL SERVICES PERSONNEL ASSIGNED TO THE SCHOOL.
8. The student will be eligible for athletic competition by the rules of the State and District.
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