2017 Simpson BEST Robotics Application
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What grade are you in? (NOTE: Priority for the BEST team will be given to 7th and 8th grade students) *
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What is your level of experience with basic computer programs (internet, Microsoft Office, etc)? *
Never touched a computer
I e-mail to tell my parents good night
What is your level of experience with basic computer coding? *
I played Flappy Bird in Hour of Code
I know HTML and Python and Java and...
What is your level of experience with using tools to build things? *
Hand me that bone saw
I know a Phillips head from a torque wrench
How comfortable are you with improvising? *
If at first I don't succeed, I go home and drink cocoa
I never quit until I reach my goals
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What leadership experience do you have?
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Do your parents know that you are applying for the BEST Robotics team and are they OK with it? *
Do they know that means they may have to drive you to school early for practice or pick you up late and are they OK with that? *
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Who are three teachers that I can ask for the real scoop on you? (At least 2 academic teachers) *
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