2017 Simpson BEST Robotics Application
What is your name?
Your answer
What grade are you in? (NOTE: Priority for the BEST team will be given to 7th and 8th grade students)
Your answer
Who is your homeroom teacher?
Your answer
What is your level of experience with basic computer programs (internet, Microsoft Office, etc)?
Never touched a computer
I e-mail to tell my parents good night
What is your level of experience with basic computer coding?
I played Flappy Bird in Hour of Code
I know HTML and Python and Java and...
What is your level of experience with using tools to build things?
Hand me that bone saw
I know a Phillips head from a torque wrench
How comfortable are you with improvising?
If at first I don't succeed, I go home and drink cocoa
I never quit until I reach my goals
Do you have an e-mail address, and if so what is it?
Your answer
Check all of the following that you would be interested in working on for the BEST team
What leadership experience do you have?
Your answer
Why are you interested in joining Simpson's BEST team?
Your answer
What can you offer the team if you are a part of it?
Your answer
Do your parents know that you are applying for the BEST Robotics team and are they OK with it?
Do they know that means they may have to drive you to school early for practice or pick you up late and are they OK with that?
What is your parent's phone number?
Your answer
What is your parent's e-mail address?
Your answer
Who are three teachers that I can ask for the real scoop on you? (At least 2 academic teachers)
Your answer
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