Co-op Future Direction Survey
Thank you for your thought and attention to this survey.

It has been an inspiring and, at times, difficult journey to opening a cooperative grocery store that lives our values and serves our community.

The time is running very short.

Your dedication to the Co-op has made years of community building, community education, and community events possible. You have 1,100 fellow owners who have all given an intentional step towards a stronger community.

How do we go forward?

The Co-op Board has to make a critical choice this month:.

1) Open a smaller / cheaper store (total cost estimated at $800,000, compared to approximately $2,000,000 before). We would lower costs by using reconditioned equipment, leveraging the skills of our owners to do some construction tasks and building some of our cabinets and fixtures. Some additional efforts will be required to raise the remaining funds.

2) Go out of business. Stop all activities and turn over assets to a trustee to administer payments to creditors. Disregard positive growth and attitude in ownership.

The Board wants to hear your opinion. We will provide more details and answer questions at the open meetings on August 16, 23, 30, and Sept 11th. We will publish details on our website for those who cannot attend a meeting. If you want more context about these two options, you can visit the website at and find the presentation slides from 8-9-18.

This survey is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion. We encourage you to speak out. Every survey completed during August will be considered by the Board as we make a decision at our September 17th meeting.

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