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In order to receive texts on your cell phone from the Taste of Texas Notifications System, you need to enter your cell phone as an email address. Each cell phone provider requires that this be done differently.
Using the above chart, enter your cell phone number as an email address. For example, if your cell phone number is (555) 123-456 and your provider is AT&T, you would enter the following below: 555123456@txt.att.net. Please do not use parentheses or dashes. Please do not include a "1" before the number. PLEASE NOTE: If your cell phone provider is not in the chart above, then enter your number and, next to it, type your cell phone provider.
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Please note that you are responsible for all phone carrier charges incurred as a result of email and text messages sent to you from the Taste of Texas and all phone carrier charges incurred as a result of viewing/syncing with the Taste of Texas calendar. *
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