Parent Remote Learning Survey
Dear Parents:

Thank you for your support of the Mt. Healthy City School District this school year. Remote learning in March, April, and May required a monumental team effort between our teachers, staff, and families. We are proud of what we accomplished by working together.

As educators across the nation, we are optimistic that students will be able to safely return to classrooms in the fall. The return to school may not be in the traditional way. It is important, however, for us to evaluate the remote learning experience that you and your child received, and to get input from you regarding reopening school buildings for the 2020-2021 school year.

Participation in this survey is voluntary and your answers are anonymous. Please take the time to complete the survey below. We value and appreciate your input. Please respond no later than Tuesday, June 30. Thank you for your assistance.

Dr. Valerie Hawkins
Mt. Healthy City Schools
1. What school does your student(s) attend? (Choose more than one school if you have children in different schools) * *
2. What grade was your student(s) in during the 2019-2020 school year? (If multiple students, choose all that apply.) *
3. What method of delivery did your family choose for remote learning? *
4. Which of the following best described the computer/device your child or children used for remote learning? *
5. Which of the following best described the source of your internet access during the remote learning experience? *
6. How do you currently get your internet/WiFI? *
7. How often did your family receive communication from the principal(s)? *
8. How often did your family receive communication from your child’s teacher or teachers? *
9. Which methods of communication did you find most helpful to your family? (Please select all that apply.) *
10. How could the district improve communication in the event that remote learning is necessary again in the future? *
11. How easy was it to access school assignments? *
12. How much time did your child spend completing assignments/schoolwork each week? *
13. Did you know how to contact the school counselor/social worker for support if you had a worry or concern?
Clear selection
14. If it is necessary to move to remote learning again in the future, what could the district do differently to better serve your child academically?
15. If schools are permitted to open in August, do you have concerns about sending your student(s)? *
16. If the buildings are open, how do you envision school safety protocols to look this fall? Check all that apply. *
17. How comfortable are you with the following? (1 Extremely uncomfortable, 5 Extremely comfortable)
Extremely Uncomfortable
Extremely Comfortable
Teachers wearing masks
Students wearing masks
Scheduled hand washing break
Taking daily temperatures of your child
Clear selection
18. What is your preference among the following educational formats that are currently being discussed at the State level for August 2020? (1 most preferred, 3 least preferred)
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Normal School day with safety measures
Blended Format ( in school and at home online learning)
100% online
19. If you do not receive district emails and you'd like to be on the email list, please let us know your email.
20. The district anticipates communicating school year plans by the end of July. How do you prefer to receive this information?
Clear selection
21. Please share any additional concerns you may have.
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