Decoding the Brain: Workshop
April 7-11, 2020, Yerevan, Armenia

Today neuroscience attracts scientists, medical specialists and researchers of all generations, as the brain is the most fascinating and yet the most mysterious of all our organs. Discovering and knowing more about the structure and biochemical mechanisms of the brain will allow us to prevent and treat various neurological diseases.
We can solve the mysteries of our mind only by understanding the brain activity. Nowadays it is possible with the help of latest methods such as Neural networks and Artificial intelligence.
So we are organizing the most interesting talks from the best speakers in the field. And our students will be granted with awesome opportunity to learn about cutting edge research in EEG, basics of cognitive neuroscience, neuroplasticity and BCI.

Working language: English
Registration deadline: March 24th
Participants will be notified by email about whether or not they are accepted to attend the workshop.

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