Facility Use Request 2018
Please check the school calendar for room availability and your immediate supervisor prior to completing this form.

For school related activities and clubs there will be no fees accessed.

1. If the application is approved, the person and/or organization will assume responsibility for orderly and careful use of the school facilities. The applicants will hold the Board harmless from claims arising out of the use of the school buildings or grounds, for the function being sponsored, on the specified date or dates. The sponsoring group may be required to furnish a bond or certificate of insurance to indemnify the group and the Board against any and all suits for injury or loss sustained by attendance at the f unction.

2. Kitchens and kitchen equipment may be used with administrative authorization. If authorized, cafeteria personnel must be present when the equipment is used.

3. FEES: All groups using school staff are required to pay this.
a. The cost for use of the facility will be $12.50 per hour.
b. The cost for custodians/kitchen staff will be $20.00 per hour worked per staff member.
#hours _____________
#Staffhours _____________
c. No Charge for service organizations if custodians or kitchen staff is not needed.
d. All equipment lost or damaged must be replaced or repaired.
e. Commercial, private company or large group use of the facility must be negotiated with the school superintendent. Commercial and large groups will use our custodians.
f. All fees are payable to the MACCRAY School District.

4. The following requests for use of school buildings must have special consent of the School Board.
a. Use of buildings for religious services.
b. Use of buildings for conventions.
c. Use of buildings for political meetings.
d. Use of buildings and grounds for commercial displays.

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