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You will need to present your valid SNAP EBT Card along with a valid photo ID upon your first visit to the museum. Your Discovery Pass Card will be waiting for you at the Admission Desk on your next visit, which you may present for your reduced admission during our regular operating hours until your expiration date.
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Museum Policy
The VICM is an all inclusive educational resource for children, parents, caregivers and the community.
In order to accommodate all our visitors, we adhere to a strict Manners Policy as follows:
At the museum we strive to treat others as we ourselves would like to be treated. We are courteous and respectful. We also agree upon entering the museum to use our inside voices instead of yelling and to walk instead of run. We act in a way that does not interfere with the experience of another visitor. We want you to have fun, fun, fun and play, play, play. We also want you to be safe and make good decisions. We call this our Manners Policy.
The word “manners” means “a way of conducting oneself.”
Cultures the world over utilize this idea as a guideline for how to negotiate one’s way through the world.
As the saying goes, “Manners make the human.”

For liability reasons, we must ask you to refrain from using your cell phone and to supervise the children in your care at all times.

I agree to allow my child/children to be photographed for promotional purposes.

VICM reserves the right to revoke admission at any time for failure to follow this policy.
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