TwinWest's Executive Sounding Board Application - CEO/Owners Roundtable
The Executive Sounding Board provides a structured and confidential environment for CEO/Owners to share best practices and resolve their business challenges and issues. Participants can expect to make better decisions, improve communication skills and build valuable relationships.

Each roundtable consists of 8-12 peers with at least one employee in non-competing businesses. Meetings are held monthly, usually over breakfast, at a participant’s business, private club, restaurant or other designated location decided by the member host of the meeting. Each facilitated roundtable prioritizes issues to be discussed and develops its own agenda. A typical meeting could include discussion on managing growth, finding and retaining top talent, enhancing compensation programs, health care costs or retirement plans.

To further enhance the results of the group and leverage relationships, all participants of the TwinWest Executive Sounding Boards will join together for an event planned by the TwinWest Chamber each quarter. Admission into the quarterly events is included in your payment.

o Must be a CEO or Owner
o Must have at least one employee
o Must attend 10 out of the 12 meetings per year
o Must be in non-competing industries
o Must agree to “host” 1x/year
o Must sign the commitment statement, confidentiality forms & payment contract

o Groups will meet 1x/month on a pre-determined day for approximately 3 hours
o Groups will be facilitated/co-facilitated by non-group participants(s)
o Each group participant will "host" a meeting approximately 1x/year at the location of their choice (all associated costs to be covered by host)
o Ad hoc meetings may occur as needed
o Proposed structure can be changed by group with a majority vote
o TwinWest will host quarterly events for all members of the roundtables & lead generation groups

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