Willamette Babe Ruth Registration 2021
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Do you agree to the following:In case of an accident or illness, I hereby authorize a representative of Babe Ruth League, Inc to use his/her judgement in obtaining immediate medical care. Parents will be notified in case of serious illness as quickly as they can be reached, but this makes treatment possible. Furthermore, I consent to the above listed players image to appear in print, web and broadcast media with no expectation of compensation. I hold harmless Willamette Valley Babe Ruth Inc, and their respective area the player is assigned to, and fully understand the I assume the risks from any injuries or property damage suffered. *
Do you agree to the terms of the player/parent contract? This can be found at this website(https://oregonbaberuth.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/WVBR-Competition-Sportsmanship-Guidelines.pdf) *
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