The Valet Tagging is closed for the Dallas Fall 2018 Sale. Please try back for the spring sale in March. Thank you! Information about Valet Tagging for the Dallas/Mesquite Fall Sale Sept 13th-16th
••• All items must be to the tagger no later than August 27th for the fall sale.•••
The below steps explain how our valet tagging program works. After reading over the steps, if you would like to be matched up with a tagger please fill out the information and we will get back with you. Thank you.

Step 1- I understand and agree that Just Between Friends is not responsible for fire, loss, theft or damage to my sale items. I understand that I will be charged a $10 consignor fee (deducted from my check) and will receive 40% of my gross sales for my tagged items in the sale. If I volunteer my percentage is increased to 50%. Your tagger receives 20% for tagging your items for you.

Step 2-The fees for VALET tagging are as follows: (deducted from my check) $15 supply fee (unless I bring my own supplies), which covers hangers, cardstock, safety pins, etc for my 200 TAGS. An additional $5.00 for every 50 TAGS over 200.

Step 3- All toys/electronics must have working batteries. If we replace batteries, there will be a $1.00 charge per battery.
a. All puzzles/games must have all pieces and parts.
b. Clothing Items should be sorted before drop off. Outfits that go together should be folded
together (ie: coordinating hats, socks, shorts, etc). Current season items only.
c. All items should be cleaned/washed.
d. If applicable, I must include a car seat checklist with the manual and/or crib waiver,
they must stay with the items.

Step 4- Valet Consignors cannot make changes to their tags. If you want a specific price on an item, please list the item and the price on the back of this sheet.

Step 5- I understand that all my items will be marked ½ price during the ½ price day of the sale.

Step 6- I also understand that my items will be inspected and if any items are not acceptable I can pick them up from the VALET tagger or they will be donated.

Step 7- I will pick up my items from the VALET tagger on the day indicated by the VALET Tagger and I am responsible for bringing the items to the sale OR the VALET tagger can drop my items off and put them on the sales floor for a $10 drop off fee (for up to 200 items).

Step 8- I also understand that I am eligible for a Consignor Pre-Sale pass to shop on presale day. Wed, Sept 12th, 3:00pm

Step 9- I understand that any of my items that do not sell CAN be picked up at the Mesquite Convention Center on Monday, after the sale between 4-7pm. If you do not want to pick up your items they will be donated to Buckner Children’s Home as a tax-deductible contribution.

Step 10- I also agree that as a condition of selling items in a Just Between Friends Consignment Sale, I represent and warrant the following to be true and correct. I am the owner of the items to be sold, and I have full authority to sell the items offered by me for sale; and each item offered for sale by me is in good operating condition, reasonable wear and tear expected, and is not defective, broken or damaged in any way. Any repaired item was repaired by the original manufacturer or in accordance with the original manufacturer’s warranty program; and each item complies with applicable law; and no item is the subject of any pending or threatened recall notice or other consumer protection enforcement action; and I know of no reason why any item offered for sale by me would cause any injury to another.

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