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Back in 2009, before the age of Kickstarter and Patreon Keith Baker bootstrapped a project called “Have Dice Will Travel” where he traveled around the world and ran a game in Eberron for interesting groups of D&D players. He wrote about a few of the adventures for The Escapist but the lack of funding, a creative collaborator, and Eberron being incompatible with the latest version of D&D caused it to fizzle out. In the age of Kickstarter, support for Eberron in 5E, and the partnership with Jenn Ellis and our company Twogether Studios, we are now exploring different ways to bring back Have Dice Will Travel.

We don't know just yet the details of what this will become (a travel/D&D podcast? A book? Both?). What we do know is that we want to capture the diverse people around the world who play D&D and tell their story. This form is just to gather information from interested parties who might want to be a part of this IF it happens. Submission of this form does not guarantee participation. Thank you for your interest and excitement - it goes a long way for us in trying to make this happen!

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Why should we make a stop in your town? Tell us about your gaming group- whats awesome about it? Do you have underrepresented players or meet in an underground bunker? Are you not what people typically think of a a D&D player? Are you typical and delightful? Is your town haunted and filled with castles or strip malls? Tell us what makes your gaming group special and your town something to talk about:
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