The Power Project: a Journey of Purpose Launch Team Application
The Power Project book releases to the launch team March 19!

Before a single thing happens, I want to thank you so much for even considering being a part of the Launch Team for TPP. Seriously, you taking the time out to do this, is EVERYTHING to me! I had a gal tell me recently that she loves everything I’m doing on social media…. Well, thank goodness because I am definitely not for everyone! But you guys, you’re my people, and I’m so friggin happy to see your face here! If you’ve never been on a Launch Team, you're going to love it! Plus, in the middle of a global health crisis, it's good to have something we can do from home without exposing ourselves to the hysteria out there.
Here are the details:

*We have 1000 spots on the Launch Team which includes an early release date, the experience of learning how a book launch works, and a chance to win a coaching session with the author.

*The one requirement to apply is that you PROMISE to order The Power Project: a journey of Purpose
ON MARCH 19 @ 4:00 PM ET/3:00 PM CST/2:00 PM MT/1:00 PM PT

*The Launch Team is an honor system to promote, review, post, and essentially be the POWER SQUAD for TPP Book. Mattie Simmons will lead the LT and give you everything you need, but it is really just your word that you are in it to win it with us. Let’s do this!

*We’re going to party together in our private Facebook group/IG page, so get excited!
*Applications open on March 9, close on March 18.

I do this work for you, my listener, reader, social media follower, or friend in real life. I do this work because I believe in you so much and so desperately want you to discover your purpose in life. It means the world to me that you would want to be a part of this creation. Thanks so much for applying to join the squad friend! It’s going to be epic!

To apply for the launch team, fill in your information below.

Then, click the link at the end to apply to join The Power Project Launch Team Facebook Group.

Thanks for applying to be on the Launch Team

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