Climate Adaptation Fellowship (CAF) pilot proposal feedback survey
Thank you for agreeing to participate in this short survey. It should take 5-10 minutes, and we appreciate your feedback. Responses will be collected until October 15th 2019.

Recently, we created a new curriculum to help farmers and agricultural advisers in the Northeast address climate change:

Our team is now applying for funding from NE SARE to support a pilot of the Vegetable and Small Fruit module. Before we submit our proposal, we would like to document that there is interest among both farmers and agricultural advisers (Extension, agency, non-profit staff) in enrolling in such a program.

The gist of the 1-year program:

* Farmers and agricultural advisers would apply to the program in pairs;

* There would be two in-person workshops, one at the beginning and one at the end;

* In between workshops, "Fellows" would do activities that could include on-farm climate risk assessments, demonstrations of specific adaptation activities, side by side trials, cost-benefit analysis of different practices, etc.;

* One of the outcomes will be an individualized farm climate adaptation plan.

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts about this program. For those of you who answered a similar survey in 2016, we thank you twice! We hope you see your suggestions reflected in this new iteration of the proposal.

With appreciation,

Rachel Schattman (USDA Climate Hub)
Erin Lane (USDA Climate Hub)
Marjorie B. Kaplan (Rutgers University)
1. Please select the option that best describes you
2. If you are a farmer or an agricultural adviser, do you grow vegetables/small fruit or work with farmers who grow vegetables/small fruit?
3. I am concerned about the effects of climate change on farms in the Northeast.
4. I would benefit from additional education about climate science, impacts on Northeast agriculture, and adaptation strategies.
5. If this program were offered, I would be interested in participating.
6. One of the outcomes we hope for from this program is that the Climate Adaptation Fellows will gain the ability and confidence to help farmers do their own climate adaptation planning. If you were to gain this skill, would you be interested and have the time to provide this type of support?
7. A program like the Climate Adaptation Fellows program would be useful to farmers and agricultural advisors:
8. If you have any questions or suggestions for the Climate Adaptation Fellowship proposal, please write them here.
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9. Please share your email address if you would like to be updated about the project.
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