(UK applicants) Towards Healthy Brazil: Sustainable Urban Nexus (Water-Energy-Sanitation) in the Tiete River Basin UK-Brazil Researcher Links Workshop
Supported by: Researcher Links Workshop (Towards Healthy Brazil)
ID: 2019-RLWK11-10693 and FAPESP 2019/17507-7

UK Principal coordinator: Dr Eric Cheung (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Brazil Principal coordinator: Prof Norma Valencio (Federal University of São Carlos)

Disciplines: Transdisciplinary
Dates and Venue: 19 – 23 July 2021 (online, virtual workshop)
Registration fee: FREE

Registration deadline: 8 July 2021 (extended to 15 July 2021)
For any queries: p.cheung@mmu.ac.uk
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The overall aim of this workshop is to enhance our understanding of related human-environment interactions and their sustainability outcomes. It will advance systems approaches for infrastructure (water, energy, sanitation) which situate basic human functions within wider human ecosystems of critical social, economic and environmental resources and social institutions, cycles and order.

Workshop contributions will be concerned with different infrasystems (e.g. water and sanitation systems) in different environments (e.g., urban, peri-urban, rural) Workshop contributions and activities will have five interlinked objectives:
• To understand the components of different types of infrasystems as well as how infrasystems interact with other social, technical and environmental systems
• To reveal the interactions between different infrasystems and the Sustainable Development Agenda
• To identify knowledge needs in collaboration with non-academic stakeholders and co-design an agenda for the co-development of infrasystems-related informed decisions.
• To build transdisciplinary capacity in infrasystems research, design, planning, implementation, management and maintenance
• To discuss new strategies to be more resilient beyond environmental crises that involve these three systems.
The collaborative workshop will focus on the Tietê River Basin (Brazil) as a prime example of urban transformation across different stages of infrastructural development.

Eligibility Criteria
• Applications must be submitted using the Researcher Links application form (provided at the end of this document), WHICH IS REPLICATED IN THE VIRTUAL FORMAT BELOW. Please fill in the fields and submit)
• Application must be submitted before the above deadline.
• Participants must be Early Career Researchers: Early Career Researchers are defined as holding a PhD (or having equivalent research experience and having up to 10 years post-PhD research experience. They are equivalent to the ‘Recognised Researcher’ and sometimes ‘Experienced Researcher’ categories in the EU framework for researchers’ careers.
• Participants must have a research or academic position (a permanent post, research contract, or fellowship etc) at a recognised research institution either in the UK or in São Paulo state.
• Please note that participants are expected to attend all sessions of the workshop.
• English is the language of the event and candidates must have appropriate comprehension of English.

Quality Assessment
• Experience and relevance of the applicant’s research area to the workshop
• Motivation and contribution to the aims of the workshop
• Description of the long-term impact expected through the participation in the workshop
• Ability to disseminate workshop’s outcomes

Selection Procedure
• Eligibility check
• Quality assessment

Notification of results
Applicants will be notified by email by 12 July 2021 (1 week prior to the workshop).
Please note that the number of participants is limited (20 Brazilian + 20 UK ECR)

Equal Opportunities
Equal opportunities and diversity are at the heart of the British Council’s cultural relations ambitions. While recognising that some research fields are dominated by one particular gender, Principal Applicants are encouraged to work towards an equal gender balance, promote diversity. They must not exclude applicants on the basis of ethnicity, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, social status or disability. Participants’ selection undertaken by workshop organisers must not contravene this policy. Extra support to enable participation of Early Career Researchers with special needs will be given (please indicate such needs in the application form).

For more details of this call (Workshop Summay; Aims; Programme and others), please see the link: http://infrasystems.complexurban.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/call_for_participants_Brazil_V7.pdf
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6. Workshops will take place in English as standard. Please indicate your ability to communicate with other researchers, public presentations and writing of joint scientific work in English. *
7. Please indicate if you are interested in joint publication towards a special issue in relevant journals? (Max 150 words) *
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