Kirtan Flight School - Dave Stringer May 31- June 5, 2022
Level 1: Tuesday, May 31 - Thursday, June 2 / Level 2 Thursday, June 2 - Sunday, June 5, 2022
Event Address: RIGPA center - Soorstraße 85, 14050 Berlin

EARLY BIRD prices until - February 1, 2022

Level One: 375€ (excl. VAT) until February 1. 425€ (excl. VAT) after February 1.
Level Two: 575€ (excl. VAT) until February 1. 625€ (excl. VAT) after February 1.
Level One & Two: 850€ (excl. VAT) until February 1. 895€ (excl. VAT) after February 1.

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What is Flight School?
Kirtan Flight School is a spiritually inquisitive music, neuroscience, and public speaking workshop. It’s designed as an instrument to discover the transcendental in yourself. The mantra chanting practice of Kirtan is simultaneously calming and thrilling, an ecstatic technology designed to modify consciousness.

When you participate in a Kirtan, the call and response form of mantra chanting, you’re not just listening to the music: you are the music. At the Kirtan Flight School, you have the opportunity to explore and redefine the edges of what music can be when the crowd is itself an instrument. Both experienced musicians and those rediscovering their own musical selves will walk away with a working body of knowledge about how to move a crowd to participate, and how to employ different musical devices in order to deepen everyone’s experience.

Singing, drumming and dancing lift us into a jet stream of consciousness. This unitary state is the flow and the zone that athletes and artists speak of. It's where you feel and perform your best and are one with what you are expressing. Action feels effortless, time ceases to be important, and focus becomes so complete that everything else falls away.

We put you in a band with four or five other people. You bring whatever instruments you have, or play instruments we provide, like harmonium, cajon or finger cymbals. If you don't know how to play an instrument, we teach you. Simple, interlocking parts combine to produce surprisingly sophisticated music. No previous musical experience is necessary.

What to Expect:

Level One:
Participants are organized into small ensembles. Each ensemble chooses a chant, rehearses it together, and presents a Kirtan to the rest of the groups. The instructors rotate through the groups, working closely with the participants to develop rhythmic and harmonic concepts, solve problems, and answer questions. The history and philosophy of Kirtan are also intensively explored, so participants learn how to present and discuss the mantras.

Instruction will be offered in playing the harmonium and finger cymbals, and a limited number of these instruments will be on hand for use by all. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own musical instruments with them, but it is understood that the most important instruments are human voices and hands.

Level Two:
The emphasis is on improvisation, writing, performance and speaking extemporaneously. Advanced rhythmic techniques, arrangements and methods of organizing, inspiring and leading a group are also explored. It's preferable to have completed at least one previous Flight School at the Introductory Level, be able to play a musical instrument with practiced ability, or be actively participating in some form of ensemble or community music practice.

more info:
Cancellation Policy
Payment in full upon booking
Within 7 days of booking: 100% refund
Up to 30 days prior to event: 50% refund
30 days prior to event there is no refund
After the 30 days, a refund, for any reason, can only be made if you are able to send us a person to take your place in the workshop

Covid policy: If the workshop must be cancelled because of the pandemic, all fees will be credited back to your account in two business days after notification.
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