SXR Conference 2024 - Volunteer Recruitment Form
Stanford XR is hosting our annual conference this May 18th between 9am - 6pmJen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center. We'd love to have your help organizing this event!

We will need help with logistics such as setting up/cleaning up, checking in participants, transporting lunch for sponsors/demoers/attendees, and a variety of miscellaneous tasks which may involve helping coordinate demos or helping our sponsors and speakers from Meta, Unity, UltraLeap, and etc!

We really appreciate it if you can come and help with the event in any form! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of our Core Organizers such as Vencent Vang (Email:, Phone: +1 (559) 281-3923). We'll try to respond ASAP to any inquirers but do understand it may take some time before they can respond.
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What TIME FRAME are you available on Saturday, May 18? We understand that some volunteers who want to help may not be able to fully help throughout the day, which is fine! 

- "I'm available for the entire event, 9am-6pm."
- "I can only help in the morning between 8am-10am." 
- "I can help through half of the event 9am-2pm!"
In this next section, we'd like to just briefly ask what you think you'd be able to help out with if you had any specific roles in mind! We will try to match everyone to an appropriate role!

*Note* - We expect any and all volunteers to take a mandatory 15-30 minute break to help yourself enjoy the event at least once every 2hrs!!
What roles / jobs / skills / interests do you want to specially help us out with! You may select one, several, and/or fill in the "other" option if you believe there is another way you can help with your personal expertise! *
Could you explain a bit about how you think you may be able to help in these selected areas? (We only expect a short 1-3 sentence response; you are able to go past that limit however.)
THANK YOU!! See you soon!
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