Brood X Bird Feast Observation
We need your help studying how Brood X 17-year cicadas will affect local bird feeding behavior. We are studying how cicada emergence disrupts local food webs as birds shift their diet to this abundant food source. We think that if birds eat more cicadas they will eat fewer other insects. This may allow other insects to thrive and eat more leaves on local trees. Knowing which birds are eating cicadas will help us understand which plants and insects will be affected during the Brood X emergence. If you see a bird eating, watch it for up to 4 minutes and tally how many cicadas or non-cicadas it eats. Do not observe birds at a bird feeder. Follow this link for the full instructions:  Send datasheets or ask us questions at .
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Bird Species *
Make sure you are certain about your identification and are close enough to see the beak. If you cannot clearly identify this bird, please look for a different species that you are more confident about. It is important to not observe the same bird more than once per day. Only watch one individual of a species per day, unless the individuals are at least 100 yards apart. If it flies to a bird feeder during your observation, stop observing and write "feeder" in the notes.
Date the bird was observed (format: MM/DD) *
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Be sure to enter coordinates exactly as you read it, including punctuation and minus signs. Suggested process to get GPS coordinates: Open the Google Maps, zoom into your location, hold (don't tap) finger on screen (or left click and hold down on your mouse or touchpad) to drop a pin at your location, read coordinates that appear in search bar.
Habitat *
Do not watch birds who are visiting a feeder during the observation window. If one does visit a feeder, stop the observation and do not mark a tally for visiting the feeder. Enter “Feeder” in the notes column. Otherwise, feel free to watch birds in any kind of habitat including, but not limited to, back yards, city sidewalks, or deep woods. Feel free to watch from your window!
How long did you observe? *
(Format 1:30 for an observation that lasted 1 minute and 30 seconds, 0:30 for one that lasted 30 seconds) Feel free to estimate if you are unsure of the time but please make a note if it is an estimation
Number of cicadas eaten *
If the bird only eats part of something before discarding, that still counts as a full tally. However, eating the same thing over multiple bites only counts once. Live cicadas, dead cicadas, nymphs and adults all count as cicadas. If a bird flies off with a cicada in its beak, this still counts as a feeding event and should be tallied
Number of non-cicada food items eaten (if seeds, try to approximate a number) *
Where is the bird actively feeding (food in mouth)? *
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