AARC Volunteer Hours Recording
Use this form to report time as a volunteer for the AARC. If in doubt, do the best you can and give additional info / explanatory notes in the "Notes/Comment" section.
Email address *
Name *
Select your name from the list. If you are not listed, please select "Other", then enter your name and contact info in the "notes/comments" section.
Your code *
This is a validation code provided to you by the club for making volunteer time entries. If you don't have a code, simply enter your callsign or name
Date Volunteered *
Hours *
Enter the number of hours your volunteered. As an example, enter 1 hour 30 minutes as "1.5".
Activity *
Notes/Comments *
Enter useful notes and comments about what you specifically did here. If you selected "OTHER" as your name, please provide your contact info, including full name, callsign, telephone number, and e-mail address.
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