FCE 19-20SY Electronic Device Checkout
I am committed to following the Fox Creek habits of character, being a good digital citizen, and following all expectations when using my device.
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I will agree to use this device for class work only, and stay on task.
I will protect others by reporting any digital bullying to a trusted adult.
I will make sure that I tell a trusted adult if I feel uncertain or uncomfortable while using the internet.
I have read the Integrity portion of this agreement *
I will be respectful of my Chromebook by making sure that my work space is clean and free of food and drink
I will make sure that I am using good citizenship on line. By staying on my assigned websites, using kind language.
I will make sure that my Chromebook is charged and ready for the next days school work.
I will make sure that I take care of this device and return it in the same working order when I checked it out.
I have read the Respect portion of this agreement *
I will collaborate with my classmates online using the listening skills I have learned in class. Making sure that I am listening and respecting everyone's ideas.
I will be respectful of other's ideas and suggestions, and to disagree in a respectful manner.
I have read the Collaboration portion of this agreement *
I will follow the guidelines in this form at all times *
Parents, please type your name confirming you have read and agree with the following technology guidelines *
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