Guided Reading: Motivation And Learning Strategies For College Success
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What is Academic Self-Management? *
What factors do students need to manage to become more successful learners? *
How can fear of failure influence a student's motivation and behavior? *
Discuss Covington's Theory of Self-Worth. How can it be used to understand a student's academic behavior? *
Identify and explain two failure-avoiding strategies students use to protect their self-worth. *
Using the Information Processing System, explain to your student the best way to study. *
The process of repeating information over and over in working memory to retain it. *
Learning strategies that impose structure on material via hierarchical or other relationships among the material's parts. *
Integration of meaningful knowledge into long-term memory through adding detail, summarizing, creating examples, and analogies. *
What elaboration strategies could you share with your students to help improve their memory? *
Alex is trying to create SMART goals each week to improve his performance. He writes the following goal: "I want to use new learning strategies in my Biology class." How can you help Alex rewrite his goal to meet the SMART goal criteria? *
What do we know about college students' mental health? *
Discuss how self-talk influences one's mood and behaviors. Include in your discussion the four types of negative self-talk. *
How does the Rational-Emotive Approach help students learn to cope with negative self-talk? *
Why is time management a critical aspect of self-regulation? *
What time management strategies would you suggest to your students? *
What procrastination elimination strategies do you think would be the most helpful to students?
What is the difference between attention and concentration? *
What should students do to improve their ability to concentrate? *
Your student is struggling with his performance in a class that requires a considerable amount of reading and in-class participation based on the reading. He tries to get the most out of the seemingly endless pages in the textbook as he prepares to go to class, but somehow he forgets the main points and cannot participate fully in class. What reading strategies would you suggest to your student? *
What should you tell your students to do before, after and during a lecture to improve their note taking? *
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