HAVEN FARM - D.C. Pop-Up REDUX 21/Nov: Reserve Your Pasture & Forest Raised Meat
Haven Farm is coming to DC with all the best meat - AGAIN! Check out the video below to see who we are and what we're up to.

We come with some new stuff, and kids!! *And we now accept CC/debit cards*


2. Ready to heat and eat Chicken & Dumplings; Roasted Chicken and Wild Rice Soup; Chicken Pot Pie; Chicken Bone Broth. These offerings are a collaboration with a chef friend at a restaurant in Durham, NC. Order reservations are below. Chef Partner: https://durhamfoodhall.com/eat/lula-and-sadies/

Filling this Form (scroll down!) will reserve your Pasture and Forest Raised, Actually Free Ranged, Small Batch, No Chemicals Ever, Amazing Meat. We will have some extra on hand, but this will make sure we bring what you want, and not too much extra.

**To Reserve: Scroll down and tick the relevant estimated weight for the product you want. Package sizes vary so your indication will give us a range of size to work with, within a pound.**

- Prices are indicated. If you tick a box, we will bring it on *Sat 21 NOVEMBER* to D.C. no deposit necessary. (And we hope you will come to pay for it please!! )

- Pay on Pick up! We'll now accept CC / Debit -- and Venmo, Paypal, Cash or Apple Pay.

- The venue has a sufficiently large back yard for social distance and we can bring the meat to your vehicle.

- Order cut off is Friday 20 NOVEMBER at high noon!

- This time, orders will be pre-packed in bags, with items and invoice making everything faster!


Jess, Andy Caleb, Silas

Learn more about us here: https://havenfarmnc.com/pages/about-us.
Instagram: @havenfarmnc
Video: https://youtu.be/t7r6DC4-L1M

NB: Our products are not processed on farm. They are processed in legal, professional facilities, and packaged professionally. We raise, handle and freeze our pork and chicken in totally separate spaces in commercial freezers at negative 10 deg.
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Check out this cool 90 second video of our Farm!
Haven Farm crew: Jess, Andy, Caleb, Silas (+Midge & Oscar)
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