2017-18 Gluck Fellow Self Evaluation - Classroom Fellows (ASK, Individual and Ensemble Fellows)
Thank you for your participation in the Gluck Program. As part of our on-going evaluation of the program, we ask that you submit a Self Evaluation form to the Gluck Office no later than TWO WEEKS after the completion of your project. It is advised that you also keep a copy for your records. The Gluck Program must receive this Self Evaluation form and any materials checked out from the Gluck Office before we can process the disbursement of your fellowship.
Please help us let the Gluck Foundation know about your experience as a Fellow.
All Individual and Ensemble Fellows must fill in a Self Evaluation at the conclusion of their project.
Fellow Name / Ensemble Name
Please give YOUR NAME and the name of the ensemble you are in, if relevant (Contemporary Dance Ensemble, Improvology Troupe, etc.)
Your answer
Fellowship Department
What department awarded you the fellowship? (e.g. Dance, Music, TFDP...)
Your answer
Total number of sessions
Your answer
Total Attendance
Estimate how many total attendees participated.
Your answer
How has being a Gluck Fellow affected your education or research?
Your answer
How has being a Gluck Fellow affected you, personally?
Your answer
How will you use what you learned from this project in your future?
Your answer
Specific feedback or comments you heard about your project from participants or teachers:
What did you hear them say as you came in the room, or on the way out?
Your answer
Do you have any anecdotes or particular observations that capture the value of your work with participants?
We love reading your stories!
Your answer
The Gluck Foundation is interested in supporting UCR students who have a ‘disadvantaged’ background. If you would like, please let us know about your background.
Your answer
Evaluate the Gluck office - what do you wish we would have told you? How can we improve?
Your answer
Please be sure to also fill in a Site Evaluation for each site visited.
The link to the Site Evaluation is on the Gluck website. Thank you for your Gluck Service!
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