Twenty-Something Mother Loss: A 30-Minute Recording with Hope and Allison
Twenty-Something Mother Loss: Hope Edelman, author of Motherless Daughters, and Allison Gilbert author of Passed and Present, recorded a live call on July 27th about losing a mom in your 20s. Allison was 25 when her mom died of cancer and Hope was 17.

They discussed living with the grief during life events common for 20-somethings (graduations, weddings, having a child, etc.) and offered supportive information and healing strategies. They also answered some pre-submitted questions from listeners.

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And if you were in your 20s when your mom died... In September 2019, Motherless Daughters Retreats is offering the first Twentysomething Retreat (you can be any age now!). The retreat has just a few spaces open. You can read more at And if you're interested in attending, there's a discount code you can use to receive $50 off at the very end of the recorded call.

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