Sign Up Form: Authentic Expressions of Queer Joy as a form of Resistance Capstone Project
Thank you for your interest in being a part of this Capstone photo series! As a marginalized group, the LGBTQ+ population is constantly experiencing hate and discrimination in a multitude of ways. Simply existing as a queer person in a society that is actively working against you is in itself a form of resistance. Even more revolutionary is to find true joy and self-love. Poet Audre Lorde said "Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is a revolutionary act." When we actively choose to be ourselves and love ourselves, we are resisting the powers that try to tear us down.

The goal of this project is to highlight authentic queer joy and self-love to show that simply finding joy and pride in who you are is a revolutionary act.

I'm so excited to work with you! Here is everything you need to know about the project:

**This is a senior Capstone project in fulfillment of the B.A. Liberal Arts program and is being facilitated through LGBTQ+ Programs at Georgia College.

**Any person of any age, race, gender, or sexuality is welcome to participate, but you must be over 18.

**You must be comfortable with these photos being shared online and in person (such as posted in the HUB). If you have any concerns about this, please communicate them. We can get creative together to make sure you are safe and comfortable. For example, your face does not have to necessarily be in the photos to still show joy.

**At your photo session, you will be asked to sign a photo release form simply to have record that you acknowledge any risks involved in your participation. Please remember you can choose to no longer participate in the project at any point without any consequences.

**In agreeing to participate, you are agreeing to be photographed and have those photos used for the purpose of the project. You will also have access to them for your personal use. You will be asked some questions that might require some level self-reflection, but they will not be intrusive or invasive. Your participation in this project is entirely voluntary.

**The location and setting of your portraits is ultimately up to you. Think about what places, people, activities, etc. bring you the most joy in your every day life. This could be with spending time with your family, partner(s), a pet, or being in class, teaching, or doing an activity or hobby that you enjoy. These are the types of situations I am hoping to capture. We can work together to make sure that your goals are feasible, but don't be afraid to get creative!

**The session will likely take about 45 minutes and will consist of taking photos and asking a few questions about joy and identity. Please be prepared at the beginning of your session with all the necessary elements that have been previously discussed. For example, having any props (such as flags, books, art, etc.) ready and being fully dressed in what you want to be photographed in.

**Here is the sign up sheet for time slots for your photos! Please sign up before completing this form, if none of the times work for you, reach out and we can work something else out!

If you have any further questions, please email me at
For any additional questions or concerns, please also feel free to reach out to Melissa Gerrior, Program Coordinator for LGBTQ+ Programs
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This can absolutely change, but go ahead and give some thought to what you might want to do so we can have a basis to start coordinating. Think about the places, people, or things you are passionate. Is there anywhere you feel particularly happy or at peace? Are there any items or activities that have a particular significance to you?
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