Hey all, here is a questionaire so that I can get to know people's interest and availability in the project. If you didn't make it to the info sesh some of this might not make sense, so please reach out if you have any questions! Here is a quick summary of information :

–There are three phases of the project, each investigating different movement methodologies. For the first two, which i'm now calling 'living sculptures' and 'somatic poetry,' I am looking for around 4-5 dancers who can commit to a longer amount of rehearsal time and performance. Because of the way showings are structured for the dance department, these two sections may need to be woven together into a group of related vignettes.  I'm interested in cultivating vulnerability, fantasy, failure and honesty through different ritual structures. Then, I want to see how these energies manifest in a dance party setting. You can read more about somatic poetry here:

–For the third section, i'd love to have as many people as are interested participate! This will be a choreographed score for a group dance/improvisation taking place in a final dance party and performance. I'm inspired by Miguel Gutierrez's DEEP Aerobics (Death Electric Emo Protest) which you can learn about here:

–The first three dates listed are the times for the dance  department thesis showings. Because this is faculty-advised work, we will be showing work-in-progress versions of the pieces at these times. However, because these showings may not align directly with our performance timeline, we may have smaller informal showings in the studio before taking performances to Atwater, Tavern, Chromatic, Coltrane, the bar, etc. (A club in Burlington? Montreal? lol!).

–The final dates,  Weekend of May 13th-14th, is when i'd like to have the final performance/dance party at the Queer Studies House. Full costumes, DJs, audience participation, and artistic turn up! References to earlier phases of the project in addition to group 'nighlife movement' performance.

–Again: no formal dance experience required! We all have something unique to offer and can work with each other to bring out our unique performance qualities.

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Are you available the following dates and times:           Fri March 4 at 4pm   //                                                        Tues April 5 at 4:30pm  //  Friday April 22 at 4pm                                                               //   Weekend of May 13th-14th.                                                                                                                                                           If not, what are your conflicts?
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