Mountain Ridge High School Gifted Academy Application
Please fill out the following form for consideration into the 2019-2020 MRHS Gifted Academy.

Applicants must either have a gifted identification score at the 95th percentile or higher in at least one area (Verbal, Quantitative, or Non-Verbal) - OR - meet the qualifying scores for the Renaissance program (All 3 scores - Verbal, Quantitative, Non-Verbal are at the 90th percentile or higher with a total of 280 percentile points or greater combined).

More information on the 2019-2020 MRHS Gifted Academy, including course options, can be found at

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Gifted Student Applicants: Please submit a paragraph on why you would like to be part of the 2019-2020 Mountain Ridge Gifted Academy. Include your expectations for the academy, what contributions you will make as a member, and how you believe gifted services at the high school level will be most beneficial to you. *
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If you are not coming from a DVUSD school, you will need to provide Gifted Identification Scores.
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