MSO Alumni Membership Agreement
Please fill out this agreement if you would like to be an MSO Alumni.
All of the details regarding membership are included in the MSO Alumni Constitution on the MSO Website, please refer to that if you have any questions or concerns. If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact either the MSO President or Vice President.
I state that I am a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia or of a surrounding college of Columbia, Missouri. I do hereby agree to be considered an Alumni of the Muslim Student Organization, therefore, I agree with the above bylaws and constitution and consent to making a yearly donation to help MSO continue to grow as an organization. In addition, I consent that my name and identity may be revealed therein or by descriptive text or commentary on MSO shirts, videos, flyers, social media ext. *
If by chance I can no longer make the yearly payments, this contract may only be canceled or altered if the organization is notified before the end of the spring semester. Prior to the start of the fall semester, I agree to fulfill my donation for that year. I understand that there will be no financial or other forums of reimbursements after my donation has been made. I agree that any money remaining at the end of MSO term should be saved for the following elected board and I am still obligated to make my donation. *
I would like to approve my donation to be used only for the following programs: *
If you chose "other" for the previous question, please state what you would like your donation to go towards?
If the above program that I chose to donate my money to is inactive, I hereby ( choose an option below): *
If you chose " Give MSO the right to use my donation for an alternative program stated here", please state the alternative program you'd like your donation to go towards:
As an alumni, you will receive the following benefits for your donations. Please refer back to the MSO Alumni Constitution on the MSO website to view the benefits that are included with each donation option. Please choose which donation option you would like to participate in: *
Please state your first and last name: *
Please state your email: *
Please state your address: *
Please confirm that you would like to be an MSO Alumni: *
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