Inner Child Healing-1:1 Coaching!
This is for YOU if...

* you had a traumatic upbringing.
* you struggle to figure out in life.
* you get triggered often.
* you had too many Ups and Lows all through your life.
* you get stuck in the loop of past traumatic events.
* you lose interest easily in New relationships/friendships.
* you attract unhealthy patterns of relationships/friendships.
* you struggle to ask for help.
* you struggle to have a sound sleep.
* you feel unworthy.
* you lack focus and Procrastinate often.
* you are always anxious about the Future.
* you are mostly in a Daydreaming state.
* you struggle to Manage Finances.
* you struggle to express your emotions in a healthy way.
* you fall into the trap of comparisons with others.

This program includes:
* Understanding your attachment style.
* Healing Childhood trauma-Inner child healing-Mother Wound and Father Wound.
* Re-parenting your Inner-Child.
* How to Consciously navigate your triggers.
* How to find peace with the past traumatic events.
* Reaching a place where you can sense your Self-Worth
* Getting clear with your goals.
* How to clear the past trauma from the Body and the Mind.
* Body work-Tips and Techniques
* How to attract healthy relationships/friendships.
* How to live in the present and not stress about the Future.
* Learning to manage Time.
* Learning to increase your attention span.
* Shadow Work.
* Regulating your Nervous System.
* Clearing Financial Trauma & learn how to attract Wealth more & more.
* How to live in an Abundant Mindset.
* Emotional Intelligence-working on "Respond" and not "React".
* Deep dive into Subconscious beliefs & rewiring them.

This coaching program is designed for 6 weeks with an hourly call per week on Zoom/GMeet and with full assistance via Voice Notes/Chat for the period 6 weeks.

This will transform YOU into a better version of yourself, look at life from a different Perspective filled with Peace and Joy (At least most of the time ;) )

Note: This is a Basic 3 Figure Investment in USD and 5 Figure Investment in INR.

I will get in touch with you via email, as soon as your application comes through.

Love &  Light your way.
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