Your Prosperity Index
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Do you have a broad level budget and cash flow plan for your regular monthly expenses?
Do you have 3-6 months of your estimated monthly expenses in emergency funds that is easily accessible?
Do you have life insurance cover equivalent to 5-10 years of annual income or more?
Do you and your family have health insurance of 10 lacs or more?
Do you and your spouse have critical illness insurance of 25 lacs or more?
Are you aware of the rate at which your personal expenses go up year on year. ie., what is your personal inflation rate?
Is your overall wealth growing at a rate higher than your personal inflation rate?
Do you understand and feel in control of the risks in your investments?
Can you liquidate and convert your investments to cash in less than 100 hours?
Are your loan repayments (EMI) less than 30% of your income?
Have you identified when and how much money you would require for big expenses? Eg: Your kids education, Upgrading your car etc?
Do you have personal goals and aspirations for yourself that you know money can help you achieve?
Do you track your journey to your goals with specific milestones?
Do you, regularly review your portfolio to check whether they on course to achieve your goals?
Do you periodically rebalance your portfolio to stay aligned to your desired asset allocation?
Are you maxing out all tax saving opportunities?
Are the costs you are incurring on your financial planning and investment management services known to you?
Can you generate passive income from your assets anytime you choose?
Do you have a written Will?
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