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Including legal form of activity
Recruiting period
From - To
Job Title
Country and region
The country in which people will work, if possible, it is desirable to indicate the city. If there are many cities (regions, counties), please indicate the region where most of people will work.
Age preferences
Gender preferences
There are employers who ask only women or couples, men etc.
Which passport should the applicants have, MD or RO, or another EU.
Required documents
Required documents, that the applicant should present when arriving to the employer: passport, etc.
The vacancy is valid until the date
Duration of the labor contract
In cases of probationary period, the labor contract may not be concluded immediately, but after a month of work, etc. It is necessary to describe the procedure of labor contract. There are situations when a labor contract is signed, first for a short period, and then it is extended for another longer. These details should be clearly described in text .
Vacancy description
Where will the employees work, how many hours,  what days are off/on, day or night shifts? Do they need a driver's license? Do they need to speak English (what level), will they be able to speak Russian and Romanian at work? If it's a couple, then will they work together on the same job or separately? Will they live together or separately? Is the work outdoor or indoor?
What are their duties at work
Please supply a detailed description
Minimum wage offer
Must be specified in brutto and netto. Maybe netto will not be exact, but in any case people are interested to know when recruited. It is necessary to describe in detail the payment, per hour, day, month, per quantity (what quantity exactly etc.) If payment is by quantity - please state the minimum quantity that the employee must perform per hour/per day.
Payroll advance
If advances are given, please describe in detail the amounts, when is it paid etc.
Payment procedure
Salary payment method (cash, bank account). How often is it paid? Weekly or once in 2 weeks or once a month. What are the pay days? If there are any direct debits withdrawn from the wage: accommodation, other costs, please specify the amounts and what for it is retracted.
If provided by the employer or not. If yes - how many times per day. If not, how long does the lunch break last, how many breaks do employees get during working shift and for what time. What is the distance to the nearest supermarket. Are there cooking appliances to cook on your own?
Transportation to work
How do they get to work and at whose expense (who is paying for transport from accommodation to workplace and back)? Distance from home to workplace, etc.
Language Requirements
If knowledge of the language is required, then at what level.
Qualification requirements
Qualification requirements should be described if the requirement is not, then this should be indicated if experience in this field is needed, then how many years of experience are required to apply for the job.
Profession, specialty
Description of the accommodation
Offered for free by the employer or paid by the employee. How far is the accommodation from working place (km). Where will they live, how many people in one room, how many people will use one shower, one toilet and one kitchen. What is the type of accommodation: flat, apartment, house or other types of buildings. How many people are in the apartment, house? If there are couples, will 1 couple live in one, or 2 couples in one room, etc.?
Working Hours
If there are fixed 8 hours of work per day, or 8-10 hours a day, if there are working night shifts, weekends, holidays. If there are, weekend or holiday shifts, are there special higher rate for these type of shifts, or payments are the same as on normal days.
Bonuses offered by the employer to employee
Bonuses for productivity, for long-term work with the company, other bonuses for high productivity etc.
Expenses of the employee in the process of work and life in the country of the employer
There should be a detailed description of the approximate amount of  monthly expenses for meals and food, trips to work and back to accommodation, phone cards, etc.
Other details - not described above
At the discretion of the person who fills in the form. Comments, objections, additional information,your own description of this job offer.(fill in manually in a free form)
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