Abyss WoW - Player feedback about the project (Translated to: English)
Abyss WoW operated as a one-person project from January to April, for which I used an older TrinityCoret as a base.

As you know, the server has been shut down for a short time (my resources are exhausted) and I need some time to prepare for the long term (I wouldn't have thought that this kind of interest will surround the server and so many people will try it - I'm grateful, thank you!)

In the following survey, I would like to ask you when you want the server to restart, what rates, settings, and unique features that I could give you the best gaming experience.

At this time, there is no specific time for the server to start, but I plan to do so for the summer or the end of summer (July, August).

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We will draw a "Donor Pack*" on our upcoming server between the participants** in the survey.
*Donor Pack:
- 500 Vote Points,
- 150 Donor Points (worth 15 eur),
- Transmog Item (Cosmetic) Jewel of the Firelord
- Mount: Stormwind Skychaser, Orgrimmar Interceptor, Reins of the Illidari Felstalker
- Pet: Nibbles

- 5 Lucky winners will selected randomly

To participate in the draw, you must provide an email address where we can notify you.

The winners will be notified on the 4th of July via their email address!

If you choosed "Yes", please provide a valid email address where we can notify you if you where selected
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Please answer the following questions to get the best experience from Abyss WoW for you / your future.
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Do you like our idea about the Vanity Items gaining (Loot Crate)? *
What rates do you prefer? *
Would you like to leveling on the upcoming server? *
Which one do you prefer? *
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