F&B Malaysia Petition - Dear Government, We're not Makcik Kiah!
Are you working/running a Food & Beverage (F&B) business now?

How's your business?

Malaysian Government had announced several stimulus packages including the latest “Prihatin Package” during this Covid-19 crisis. As one of the F&B owners whose business has been impacted due to covid-19 and MCO, we decided to step up and consolidate all your feedbacks here to voice out F&B industry's concerns and recommendations to our government.

If your F&B is a SME, be it micro, small or medium, please participate in this survey to make sure your voice is heard!

Kindly respond before 5th April 2020.

Learn more about why we started this:
Full Story: bit.ly/petition-blog-story
Join this F&B group in Malaysia to stay updated: bit.ly/fnbmalaysia-fbgroup
How satisfied are you with the Prihatin Rakyat Economic Stimulus Package? *
What are the challenges you're facing due to covid-19? *
How much is the drop in your monthly sales? *
What are your top 2 biggest costs right now? *
How long can your cash flow sustain your F&B business before you're forced to fire your employees? *
Have you negotiated rent with your landlord? *
How do you feel about the future of your F&B business? *
What other suggestions do you have for the government to support your F&B business?
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