Emissions Reduction Plan Submission Form
Right now, the government is creating a climate action plan. It will set out how we as a country will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions over the next 15 years. We have the opportunity to tell our elected members what we need.
The government has put out a discussion document with many different areas to consider. You can comment on all or any of the sections: From transport to energy, or agriculture to forestry.

We know it’s a big document, so we’ve created a quick submission form to help you. We've made some suggested points that you can easily include by clicking on the tick box besides each point, but we also encourage you to add any other thoughts and ideas in your own words too.

So come on, have your say!

More information about the Emissions Reduction Plan and submission process can be found on the Ministry for the Environment website: https://consult.environment.govt.nz/climate/emissions-reduction-plan/
The full Plan is available here: https://environment.govt.nz/assets/publications/Emissions-reduction-plan-discussion-document.pdf.

Thanks to the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand for putting together these submission points :)
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Firstly, some required information:
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What should be done to see a just, fair transition to a low carbon future?
A just transition means that the organisations and companies responsible for climate change must play a role funding and driving the response to climate change.
A just transition must ensure:
What do you want a te Tiriti led approach to a low carbon transition to look like?
To honour te Tiriti o Waitangi, our emissions reduction plan needs to ensure:
What should be done to cut climate pollution and help protect and restore our precious ecosystems such as native forests, oceans, and freshwater habitats?
What should be done to move to a more circular economy that operates within planetary boundaries and achieves wellbeing for all?
Further suggestions (What else do you want to see? We’ve given some further suggestions below)
Any other comments you would like to make:
Final Step
Thank you for engaging with us on this important topic. What happens from here is that we will collate your response into an individual submission document and this will be emailed through the Ministry for the Environment and you will be CC'd a copy of this.

Ngaa mihi nui
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