Survey on Thermal Energy Storage Design Tool for Heating and Cooling in Buildings
December 2017
What is the purpose of the project?
Considering the challenge to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of buildings, Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology can help correlate energy production and consumption by shifting part of the building consumption to off peak periods. One of the main forms of TES is latent heat storage using Phase Change Materials (PCMs), offering higher storage density (i.e. lower volume) and specific temperature range operation.

Despite the advantages of such technology, there is a lack of design tools and guidelines on how to implement different types of TES-PCM solutions in real applications.

In that aspect, ongoing work within the Building Technology Division at Chalmers University of Technology aims to develop a TES-PCM design tool that will propose solutions for demand side management of thermal energy for heating and cooling of buildings based on the needs of the tool’s user.

Why have I been invited to participate?
The survey is addressed to professionals interested in Thermal Energy Storage with Phase Change Material, such as real estate owners, energy consultants, PCM producers, technical managers, researchers, … .

We are interested in your opinions and expertise whether you have already been involved in a TES-PCM project or not.

Your input is highly appreciated and will help us improve our understanding of:
- the knowledge of professionals regarding TES-PCM applications,
- the information that professionals usually have at an early stage of the design process of such technology and
- the needs of potential users of the TES-PCM tool.

Will what I say in this study be kept confidential?
Collected data will be held and processed in a register. Your personal data will be confidentially processed in accordance with applicable laws. According to Personuppgiftslagen (Personal Data Act) you are entitled to provide information regarding yourself and to have eventual errors corrected.
How much time do I need to devote in this survey?
10-15 minutes (including this page).
What will happen to the results of this survey?
It is possible that the results of this survey will be included in reports or research articles relevant to the TES-PCM tool project. If so, an electronic version of the published documents will be sent upon request.
Who is organizing and funding the research?
The TES-PCM design tool project is conducted by the Division of Building Technology within the Architecture and Civil Engineering Department at Chalmers University of Technology. The project is jointly funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection agency, the Swedish Energy Agency and Chalmers Energy Area of Advance.
Contact for Further Information
Dr. Nikolaos Stathopoulos
+46(0)31 772 69 39
Division of Building Technology, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Chalmers University of Technology
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